Computers and other electronic equipment have made many types of work easier, but it has also caused an epidemic of digital eyestrain, or “computer vision” that causes uncomfortable symptoms for users. Your eyecare professional can provide several effective solutions to help computer vision problems. At Eyecare Specialists of Oklahoma, we can help you achieve better vision and greater comfort for your daily computer tasks.

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Why Electronic Devices Cause Eyestrain

Individuals who work for long periods on computers, tablets and smartphones often experience eye discomfort because the light from the screen is competing with ambient light sources, because flickering occurs on the screen itself and because glare is often reflected on the screen. Computers often forget to blink or move their eyes away from the screen, which also contributes to eye discomfort.

Symptoms of Computer Vision

You may begin to suspect a computer vision problem when you experience frequent blurring of vision, dryness of the eyes, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eye fatigue. The position of the screen and other lighting in the room can contribute to eye discomfort. You may notice the symptoms disappear when you spend a few days away from your computer screen and work duties.

Options for Relief of Computer Vision

Your eye doctor will discuss with you the types of work you do routinely and the structure of your work environment. The doctor can advise you on ergonomic improvements in your seating, screen height, ambient lighting and other details that can help reduce eyestrain. Learning to take frequent breaks, turning your eyes away from the screen periodically and blinking more frequently can help to relieve eye discomfort.

You can benefit from some of the specially designed eyeglasses that are available that help to reduce eyestrain from computer work. A change in prescription of your lenses may also be necessary to help you to see without straining.