Eyecare Services

image of woman doing an eye test. At Eye Care Specialists of Oklahoma, Dr. Jared Jackson and our team are committed to providing advanced vision care in a professional and comfortable environment. Our primary eye care service includes a complete eye exam that analyzes eye health and vision function. In addition to eye exams and vision testing, Dr. Jackson and our team of professionals provide the following:

Comprehensive Examinations

In addition to examinations for glasses and contact lenses, we also provide medical eye exams for diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and any number of other eye conditions. Dr. Jackson is excited to be practicing comprehensive ophthalmology in Midwest City and Edmond!

Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery

We offer the latest technology for cataract and minimally invasive glaucoma procedures, including femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery, premium intraocular lens implants (IOLs), iStent micro bypass and ab-interno canaloplasty (AbIC) for glaucoma.

Oculoplastic Surgery

We diagnose and treat droopy eyelids (ptosis) and eyebrows, spastic eyelids (blepharospasm), in-turned eyelashes (trichiasis), and lesions and trauma on and around the eyelids and in the eye socket, including orbital fractures and changes associated with thyroid dysfunction.


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    Excellent doctor who also shines as a person.

    He was very courteous and professional, but more than that, he was perceptive.

    I feel comfortable when I'm in his office.

    Seriously, this guy gets it.

    Of course I would recommend him to friends and family.